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Rafael Gonzalez del Cerro

CEO & Executive Producer

Rafa was creative, general creative director, fotographer, director & producer. For over  35 years , works for the Local & International  Advertising market. In 1997 he  founded  El Bagre Films. Currently . He is ones of the most experienced producers in this market

Agustin Gutierrez

Executive Producer

Agus works on this business since over 20 years .He was one of the most renowned location and outdoor producers in Argentina and South America.He work with some of the most famous directors, production companies , advertisers and agencies that have filmed in South America.

Agustin Miranda


After attending to filmmaking school, Agus started working on this business around 2001. He worked as location manager and then as producer, for the most renowned production companies and directors, both for local and international markets.