About Us

We are established in Buenos Aires - Argentina  since 1997.
We have produced over 200 TVC for different countries.
We think of our clients as partners.
We are flexible.
You are always welcome.

Rafael Gonzalez del Cerro
Rafael Gonzalez del Cerro CEO & Executive Producer rafa@elbagrefilms.com Rafael Gonzalez del Cerro Rafa was a general creative director, photographer, director and producer. For over 35 years, he worked for local and international advertising market. In 1997 he founded El Bagre Films. He is currently one of the most experienced producers in Argentina.
Agustin Gutierrez
Agustin Gutierrez Executive Producer agustin@elbagrefilms.com.ar Agustin Gutierrez Agus works on this business since over 25 years. He is very well known in local market for having a great deal of experience as location manager and outdoor producer working in Argentina and South America. Through all these years, he worked with some of the most renowned local directors and gave production services to A class production houses coming to Argentina. He has been El Bagre´s Executive Producer for the last 10 years.
Agustin Miranda
Agustin Miranda Producer agusmiranda@elbagrefilms.com.ar Agustin Miranda Agus started working in audiovisual production (movies and advertising) in 2001, after graduating from filmmaking school. He worked as a freelnace location manager for almost 10 years, with some of the most important local Production Companies and Director´s. He has been working as a producer since 2012, both for local and international market.
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